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August 8, 2016 -- Go Green Challenge Forum


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Environmental and Sustainability Management System

Environmental and Sustainability Management Brochure 

Chesapeake Bay TMDL Mid Point Assessment

Solarize/Energy Efficiency Handout

Virginia Clean Cities Coalition

   Clean Cities Petroleum Reducing Partnerships

    2016 Vehicle Buyers Guide

    Electric Vehicles at a Glance

    Propane Vehicle Basics

Resilient Virginia


Virginia Town & City Columns

May 2010: Virginia Beach Convention Center is nation's first to achieve LEEDTIM Gold Certification for existing buildings View article (PDF)


May 2010:  Going greener: Local governments expand programs to reduce community energy use - By Joe Lerch View article (PDF)


February 2010: Urban forestry: It's all about trees in places where people live - By Carl E. Garrison III View article (PDF)


January 2010: Filling in gaps in historic urban neighborhoods requires sensitivity - By Bryan Clark Green View article (PDF)


January 2008: 'Green Government Challenge' to provide localities with carbon emissions yardstick - By Jay Fisette View article (PDF)


February 2008: Reducing Virginia's carbon footprint one community at a time - By Michelle Wyman View article (PDF)


March 2008: State commission grapples with climate change - By L. Prestion Bryant Jr. View article (PDF)


April 2008: An introduction to responsible purchasing - By Scot Case View article (PDF)


May 2008: Time has come for teleworking as staggering $100 fill-ups loom - By Diane O'Grady View article (PDF)


June 2008: ENERGY STAR program can save localities money - U.S. Department of Energy View article (PDF)


July 2008: Planning for Healthy Trees - Careful forethought is required if a community wants to plant and maintain a sustainable urban forest - By Jim Schwab View article (PDF)


August 2008: Trends: Increasing global demand drives up energy costs - By David A. Heacock View article (PDF)


September 2008: 'Green' buildings is much more than a trend in Va. - By Bryna Dunn View article (PDF)


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Close or adjust window blinds to block direct sunlight to reduce cooling needs during warm months. Overhangs or exterior window covers are most effective to block sunlight on south-facing windows.

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